JUNG AN TAGEN (at) ~ Saturday October 6th - time tbc

Special A/V Set!

With his debut on the renowned label Editions Mego, Stefan Juster a.k.a. Jung An Tagen succeeded in positioning himself as one of the most distinctive new voices in the current electronic music scene—Jung An Tagen has been praised internationally by magazines like The Quietus and The Wire. February 2018 saw this Vienna-based musician and artist release his second LP, Agent im Objekt. Consistently building on his sound so far, Jung An Tagen picks up right where his previous album’s aesthetic—situated somewhere between avant-garde and techno—left off. Complex polyrhythms meet sound surfaces polished to a high sheen, with his tracks’ subtle experimental designs giving rise to playful sonic illusions. Jung An Tagen will be presenting his audio-visual solo show (commissioned by HYPERREALITY) in collaboration with Jeong-Ho Park and Scott Sinclair. This programmer/artist duo, taking their inspiration from Peter Kubelka’s experimental film classic Arnulf Rainer, will visualise data from particle collisions in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. With their abstract, geometric figures and complementary stroboscopic effects, these high-resolution videos are possessed of an intense corporeality that, in its interplay with the music, conjures up a virtually hallucinogenic quality.


http://scheldapen.be/adsr/ndx/files/gimgs/th-138_jung an tagen.jpg